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With over a decade as a criminal defense and litigation firm, over fifty years of combined legal experience and a consistent record of success, Wegman & Levin is your best choice for help when you need it most.

Our practice focuses on criminal law, and is well known in the legal community for helping professionals preserve their business and professional licenses, defending people from the imposition of restraining orders, and fighting misdemeanor and felony charges. Motions, trials, appeals and writs are handled professionally and expediently. When your quality of life is in jeopardy, expert attorneys are imperative.

Wegman & Levin provides an effective, comprehensive legal defense resulting in the best possible outcome. We’ve made it our business to research and compile all the knowledge necessary to formulate the best possible defense strategy. Whether putting the prosecution to their proof, holding the prosecution and law enforcement accountable, or excluding illegally obtained evidence, we pull out all the stops to secure your future. Experience, dedication and integrity are the hallmarks of our success.

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[M]y story was so complicated but now I can breathe and get back to my normal life. I have never been in trouble my whole life clean record and background. After borrowing a friends car, being pulled over and later being told I will be in jail for 10 years … I called Michael. Told him everything I knew and he helped me when I felt like there was no hope for me. …. Michael made it easy and educated me the entire time. He answered all my calls and texts. He got back to me the same day if he was busy when I called. I appreciate his knowledge and communication. He is an excellent lawyer and person to work with. I am glad to say after all … I was facing will only be a misdemeanor and I can have it expunged in a few years allowing me to finish medical school and continue towards my better future. Thank you Michael you took great care of me and my future.<Review>

Elita K.

If your looking for a Top Attorney who cares and is very, very good at his job then this is him. Hate to tell ya but I’ve needed Attorney in the past. Usually got the run of the mill until I met and used Mr. Levin. What a wonderful experience to finally have an attorney represent you that knows what he’s doing and cares about you. Mr. Levin not only won my case (when other attorneys said I had little chance of winning) but he put me back in the main stream. I have a new outlook on life because of this attorney. Don’t believe me? Try him out, you will be pleasantly surprised. Not to expensive but worth every dollar I paid him and then some. Thanks Mr. Levin, you rock! <Review>

Terry J.

A couple years ago I was having a bit too many legal problems and found myself in jail. I was facing some pretty serious charges. … After meeting Mr. Levin, I felt really comfortable in who was representing me. He was very honest, a straight shooter and very laid back in his communication with me. I felt like I was REALLY being represented and he had my best interest at hand. He’s very professional and was very well respected in the court room. After a couple court dates, he got me time served. Me and my family owe Mr. Levin everything. Wegman & Levin is a great law firm. I refer them to anyone who wants results and wants to know that the person who’s representing them is in their corner. Thanks Michael! <Review>

Narbeh S.

I think it’s my duty to tell everybody about Wegman & Levin….  My son got himself in big trouble two years ago and if it wasn’t for Michael Levin I don’t know what would of happened to him. …. The entire time I felt that I had my best friend beside me defending my son.  He was always on time to court, always prepared and explained everything. …. Besides his experience, skill and knowledge he is well respected in court and that makes a huge difference in a case. …. if you do find yourself in a situation he is a man you can trust and the same goes for his associates. As long as I live I’ll never forget what he did for my son. He gave him his life back. Thank you Michael, from the bottom of my heart. . <Review>

Carmen M.

Mr. Levin is an exceptional attorney. . . He has been my attorney for several years and I honestly couldn’t ask for more. . . He is an awesome litigator. . . I absolutely recommend this attorney to anyone. . . He is the best and I wouldn’t look else where.  <more>

Rita A.

I do not go around rating places unless they’re entirely perfect or a fail, but Michael Levin is truly brilliant! I cannot ever rate anyone a 5-star, but here is an attorney who actually knows the law and can actually apply it . . . I cannot see myself ever going to another attorney . . . Stop looking for another attorney and turn to Wegman and Levin.  <more>

Yum Y.

I just felt the need to tell the world how amazing this team truly is!!! I had a a horrible tragedy in my life & if it wasn’t for this team God knows where I would be today….actually I do too. . . . I can never pay them enough for how much they helped me. … if I could recommend them I would and I hope I am by writing this post.  <more>

Danielle M.

Michael Levin is the attorney who should represent you. . .He . . . has a GREAT track record! … Michael Levin … was very easy to talk to and kept me promptly informed every step in the process. I am thoroughly pleased with the result of my case.  I am fortunate to know Michael Levin and highly recommend him.  <more>

Jasmine B.

If you need a great team… If you need a GOOD attorney WEGMAN & LEVIN are the ones for you. This is speaking from experience from hiring them a few years back! Thank you again Wegman and Levin!  More.

Mandy T.

AS GOOD AS IT GETS! ! ! ! I was (wrongly) charged with a sex offense. I was treated like total garbage . . . Michael Levin took the case to trial and we WON! . . . if I ever get in trouble again, I’m going to hire Michael Levin and NOBODY else to defend me. <more>

Randy J.

My husband was locked up, NO BAIL.  I called Wegman, Levin & Stanley and several other firms.  I chose a different firm (they were cheaper).  Well, you get what you pay for.  He stayed locked up for weeks.  Finally…I hired Wegman, Levin & Stanley…CASE WAS DISMISSED! ! !  Don’t go cheap: you get what you pay for.  Get the best! 


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