Monthly Archive for August 2013

30th Aug 2013

Feds agree to not prosecute growers operating legally under state laws

28th Aug 2013

In a surprise move, Governor Brown has introduced a series of proposals to add prison capacity

23rd Aug 2013

Legislature shelves proposal to require videotaping of police interviews with minors

22nd Aug 2013

An en banc panel of the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals revives a lawsuit by former Burbank detective Angelo Dahlia

13th Aug 2013

Attorney General Holder directs DOJ to file in ways that avoid “mandatory minimum” terms

8th Aug 2013

Rush to meet end-of-year deadline may result in 1,000 early prisoner releases

FCC may reign in Global Tel-Link and Securus Technologies’ extortionist pricing for prison and jail telephone calls

1st Aug 2013

No more tickets at broken parking meters