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3rd Oct 2013

New law targeting revenge porn takes immediate effect

SB 649 Goes to Governor

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30th Sep 2013

It’s now up to Jerry Brown whether to reduce mandatory penalties for drug offenses

30-day reprieve for prisons

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26th Sep 2013

Jerry Brown gets yet another extension to comply with prison overcrowding problem

NO to Early Prisoner Releases

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12th Sep 2013

Leglislators and Governor Brown agree on steps to avoid early release

DOJ Opens New Investigation into L.A. Jails

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7th Sep 2013

Feds to investigate use of excessive force by L.A. jailers

30th Aug 2013

Feds agree to not prosecute growers operating legally under state laws

28th Aug 2013

In a surprise move, Governor Brown has introduced a series of proposals to add prison capacity

23rd Aug 2013

Legislature shelves proposal to require videotaping of police interviews with minors