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Rape Charge Dismissed ! ! !

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21st Feb 2014

Rape allegations brought against Curtis Lepore last October are dismissed

11th Feb 2014

Social media strains the justice systems goals of fairness and impartiality

5th Feb 2014

Curtis Lepore’s attorneys respond to the buzz in the blogosphere

Change in Work Furlough Eligibility

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1st Feb 2014

Jail inmates serving time for felonies under realignment are now eligible for work furlough

There’s a New Sheriff in Town

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30th Jan 2014

Sheriff Lee Baca steps down amidst scandal, lawsuits and federal investigations

29th Jan 2014

New bill requires courts to instruct a jury when a Brady violation has taken place

28th Jan 2014

Arrest record may be sealed following completion of pre-filing diversion program

2nd Jan 2014

New law makes it possible to expunge non-probationary felony convictions