Michael M. Levin, Esq.

Michael Levin is an experienced attorney who has been in private practice as a criminal defense lawyer for the past twenty years. He has conducted numerous jury trials in cases ranging from DUI's to capital murder cases. In addition to his time in the courtroom, Mr. Levin spends countless hours reviewing evidence, performing legal research and meeting with clients and witnesses. He has a reputation for integrity and candor-- he tells clients the truth instead of telling them something untrue to make them feel better. Over the years, Mr. Levin has developed an extensive network of colleagues in the criminal defense and related fields. These relationships ensure that when a client needs something extra, Mr. Levin can usually make it happen. Criminal defense is all about knowledge, relationships and insight. For the past 18 years, Mr. Levin has developed that knowledge, built those relationships and gained the insight into achieving the best results for his clients. Whether providing pure criminal defense representation, dealing with appellate issues, or dealing with quasi-criminal litigation matters such as restraining orders and professional licenses, Michael Levin brings experience, dedication and integrity to the table.

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