24th Feb 2014

Court rules San Diego Sheriff’s requirement for “good cause” to get concealed weapons permit is unconstitutional

Change in Work Furlough Eligibility

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1st Feb 2014

Jail inmates serving time for felonies under realignment are now eligible for work furlough

There’s a New Sheriff in Town

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30th Jan 2014

Sheriff Lee Baca steps down amidst scandal, lawsuits and federal investigations

29th Jan 2014

New bill requires courts to instruct a jury when a Brady violation has taken place

28th Jan 2014

Arrest record may be sealed following completion of pre-filing diversion program

2nd Jan 2014

New law makes it possible to expunge non-probationary felony convictions

DUI Checkpoints to Add Drug Tests

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28th Dec 2013

L.A.P.D. to test for drugs at DUI checkpoints

18th Dec 2013

SB530 amends Labor Code Section 432.7 to give true meaning to 1203.4 expungements