31st Jul 2013

New LAPD mediation program goes into 3 year test

Supreme Court Targets Fifth Amendment

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18th Jun 2013

The Supreme Court has the Fifth Amendment in its crosshairs.

12th Jun 2013

The new directives require prosecutors to disclose all evidence favorable to the defense and allow information on officer misconduct to be added to a database.

4th Jun 2013

Maryland law doesn’t violate Fourth Amendment right against unreasonable searches and seizures.

29th May 2013

The Supreme Court removes the one-year limit on federal appeals for prisoners who can make a ‘convincing showing of actual innocence.’

LAPD No Longer Under Feds’ Thumb

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17th May 2013

Federal Judge Dissolves Consent Decree

13th May 2013

No Help Clarifying Carry Laws

California Supreme Court Speaks Out

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7th May 2013

Marijuana Dispensaries– A Thing of the Past?