Speaking Out for Curtis Lepore

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Vine superstar Curtis Lepore is a client of Wegman & Levin.  There has been a lot of speculation in the blogosphere about a pending case in Los Angeles involving Curtis and fellow Viner Jessi Smiles.  Some Jessi fans have expressed love and support for her and hatred for Curtis, while  ardent Curtis supporters have expressed love for Curtis and anger at Jessi.  Curtis’ fans have been clamoring for Curtis to respond to comments and innuendo put out by “the other camp.”  But Curtis cannot do that because of his legal counsel’s insistence that he refrain.  We have finally told Curtis to simply direct all questions here, in order to stop the constant barrage on social media.  That is NOT to say that we intend to answer all the questions at this time, but we will respond.

In response to the various accusations and allegations made by the other camp, our only statement at this time is: things are not always as they appear and there are two sides to every story.  As long as charges are pending against Curtis, it is counterproductive to the entire process to comment on the truth or falsity of the allegations.  It serves absolutely no useful purpose to Curtis’ defense to either admit nor to deny any specific fact(s).  The legal system is slow but needs to wind its way through without the constant additional distraction of hate rants, threats, “inside” gossip and the like.  To date, Curtis has received both threats and accolades, sympathy and derision– all from people who know only a fraction of the story.  This sentiment can become dangerous when somebody decides to take it to the next level and act on it.  Therefore, it’s time to tone it down.

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