Governor, Once Again, Asks for Permission to Outsource Jails

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Governor Jerry Brown is back at the U.S. Supreme Court, asking for permission to send thousands of California inmates to private prisons out of state.   On Thursday, Brown informed the federal judges in California that he is appealing their order stopping him from outsourcing his inmate problem while continuing negotiations with prisoner’s rights advocates.  At the same time, his lawyers announced his intention to pursue a similar appeal with the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals if the Supreme Court refuses to hear Brown’s case.

The governor’s filings tout California’s recent approval of expanded private prison contracts, accompanied by continued state funding of probation programs intended to reduce crime rates. Brown had previously asked federal judges for an extra three years to end prison overcrowding, but they only gave Brown a two-month reprieve, until late February. They also ordered Brown to negotiate with prisoners’ lawyers.

Earlier this month, the Supreme Court had refused to hear Brown’s second appeal of the prison population cap.

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