Rape Charge Dismissed ! ! !

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Rape Charge Pending Against Curtis Lepore Since Last October is DISMISSED! ! !

In a plea agreement reached with prosecutors Friday, felony charges that Vine megastar Curtis Lepore raped fellow Viner Jessi Smiles while she was asleep were dismissed.  The blogosphere has been abuzz for several months about an imminent trial with numerous fans and detractors chiming in.  The speculation can now end–the rape charge was dropped as part of an agreement that Curtis enter a plea of no contest to assault.  Curtis was not remanded and sentencing has been put over until next year.  He will not be subject to travel restrictions and is now able to resume the comic antics and meetups that have made him a major star of social media.

Because of the sensitive nature of the topic and out of respect for Ms. Smile’s privacy, Curtis will not publically comment on the allegations except to say that he is pleased that the matter is now resolved and that this disturbing chapter of his life is now behind him.

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